One thing that most of us know to be true is that teens are faced with many obstacles in today's society. From peer relationships to academics to social media to family dynamics, teens are confronted with a variety of challenges. During our 1:1 coaching sessions, we will uncover your teen's unique gifts and purpose and put them on a journey to success. During our sessions we will apply the "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan" model that will set your teen in the right direction to achieving their goals, both personal and academic.


For many young people, true connections between peers can be difficult or non-existent. In our current society, the focus on social media, feelings of being isolated run rampant, and the pandemic has only made this more difficult on our teens. BTC facilitates teen groups for those who want to experience true, authentic community with others and develop their leadership skills. It is an opportunity to build deep connections of support and trust so that teens can express the most genuine parts of themselves in a safe and meaningful way.


Exploring new cultures and connecting with new people creates more compassionate, understanding human beings. Our founder, Justin, leads trips full of adventure, fun, community building, and service. This is an opportunity for teens to have experiences bigger than themselves and connect to their deeper purpose. Whether traveling inside or outside the US, these trips can be life changing experiences for teens.