Building Positive, Professional, and Productive Organizational Cultures

Organizations are faced with many challenges in today's professional world. From employee retention issues, to fluctuations in the market, as well as issues resulting from the pandemic, the complexities to keep companies afloat has created a pressure cooker in the workplace that can result in stressful and unpleasant work environments.

Banyan Collective Coaching and Facilitation empowers your organization to invest in the wellbeing of your employees by strengthening relationships, building communication skills, and establishing trust across all levels of your company.​​ Our services are designed to foster positive workplace cultures that build connections between leadership, staff, and customers that establishes authentic communication and relationships throughout your organization.

Whether we support your organization through leadership coaching, build custom workshops for your teams, or establish internal operating processes, BCCF is committed to providing high-value support for your organization.



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Build Communication • Inspire Collaboration

Organizations that develop and train their leaders on productive conflict resolution strategies, learn how to create positive and productive teams, and build a culture of internal customer service, can create work environments that employees actually want to work in. When employees are engaged and feel respected in their positions, employee retention and productivity will increase. 

BCCF provides trainings and seminars that will help your organization improve leadership communication, internal customer service, and build confidence throughout your company.

Facilitation and Training Seminars

  • Internal and External Conflict Resolution Workshops and Facilitation

  • Internal Customer Service Training

  • Interpersonal and Coaching Skills

  • Teambuilding


Build Confidence • Inspire Leadership

​Building management and leadership confidence is an essential part of creating a collaborative and productive work environment. Leaders need comprehensive skills in communication, conflict resolution strategies, managing difficult employees, coaching, and team building in order will to create strong and well-balanced teams. When organizations recognize the value in supporting their managers, they will increase staff and manager retention, improve customer service, and help to create positive team dynamics.

Leadership and Management Coaching for:

  • Front Line Managers

  • Newly promoted supervisors/managers

  • Struggling Managers

Young Businesswomen


Improve Communication • Inspire Resolution

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Competing priorities, interpersonal issues, and chaotic work environments can derail a team and send them spiraling into retention issues, passive-aggressive behavior, and unhealthy communication. It is for these reasons why it is imperative that organizations have systems in place to address conflict in productive and practical ways.

During the Conflict Resolution Training, your leaders will learn how to run an effective Conflict Resolution Meeting and establish a new way of operating on their team. Each leader will walk away with the skills necessary to facilitate productive conversations that will improve communication, increase staff retention, and create a new way of addressing conflict day-to-day. After the training, your managers will be able to: Give every team member a voice Ask for commitments from each employee to make the team better Create a new Operating Agreement that the leader will use in the daily management of their team



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