There is power in bringing groups of people together to support one another in their unique and shared experiences. Banyan Collective Coaching and Facilitation uses tools from SpiralMethod™ facilitation, community building, conflict resolution, and non-violent communication to deepen connections with each other.

BCCF provides a deeply enriching experience and safe container that facilitates authentic communication for participants. Through a simple, confidential, and a profound group process, group members cultivate trust, expand empathy, and build relationships. 

Small Group Collectives brings leaders together, outside of their direct organization or industry, to build a community of support that will improve confidence and problem solving on your leadership team. There can be tremendous value in addressing topics that impact managers from people outside of your organization. This can create diverse perspectives that will enrich the organization's culture.

Topics Include:

  • Building Team Management Skills

  • Working with Difficult People

  • Cultural Improvement 

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Coaching Employees